Chilliwack Carpet Cleaners

With The Equipment To Match

Valley Fresh Carpet Cleaning uses only the best cleaning equipment and chemicals on the global market to ensure that you get the best quality results from our cleaning services.

All of our vans come outfitted with a custom truck-mount steam extraction system designed specifically for cleaning carpets. This equipment offers deeper water penetration, higher water temperatures, and improved moisture extraction that outperforms the competition.

Letting the professionals take care of your carpet helps increase their lifespan, prevents the spread of allergens and bacteria, and leaves your carpets fresh and clean.

Carpet Cleaning For Those Hard To Reach Areas

Professional carpet cleaning quickly removes pet accidents, spills, and stains. Have a hard-to-reach area that needs cleaning? We also offer portable carpet cleaning for those high-rise office spaces or apartment buildings where the truck-mount equipment cannot reach.

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Industry Leading Hardware

We proudly use Rotovac rotary technology for carpet cleaning as well as tile and grout cleaning. Rotovac covers more ground and achieves a deeper clean while saving time and energy.

Faster Dry Time

Our equipment pulls out 3 times more moisture than a regular vacuum, allowing your carpets to dry in less time. Typical drying times range from 2-3 hours, while upholstery and mattresses dry within 1 hour!

Our Carpet Cleaning Process In 6 Steps

Step 1

We do a full inspection of your carpets before starting the cleaning process, and vacuum where needed.

Step 2

Administer our carpet stain and odour remover that will eliminate any unwanted stains and smells.

Step 3

Apply a pre-spray solution that has a citrus or fresh valley scent, and stimulates the carpet to loosen soil and dirt.

Step 4

Our CRB machine loosens and agitates the carpet to make sure the extraction process covers all angles.

Step 5

The Rotovac equipment and wand will rinse the fabric and extract the dirt that is deep in your carpets.

Step 6

Finish by raking and brushing the fibres of your carpet to their natural direction to reduce carpet shadowing.

VLM – Very Low Moisture Cleaning

VLM is Very Low Moisture Cleaning, which is a huge benefit for customers that need carpets clean and dry right away. VLM cleaning only takes 1-3 hours to dry, and is a cheap alternative to standard HWE – Hot Water Extraction.
VLM uses an encapsulation cleaning solution that crystallizes soils, greases, dirt and most stains. It then works by bringing these substances to the top of the carpet on which we operate a professional orbital machine with a micro fibre bonnet pad. This pad then traps and collects all the soil, dirt, grease and stain crystals. It works amazing for glued down and low pile carpet, as well as people that need carpet dried right away.

HWE – Hot Water Extraction

Our “truck mount” (TM) machine utilizes a combination of high pressure hot water and a powerful vacuum pump to thoroughly clean carpets. This method, known as hot water extraction, is particularly effective for removing dirt, stains, and grease. The hot water is injected into the carpet fibers, loosening and lifting embedded debris, which is then vacuumed away. The carpet may remain damp for several hours following the cleaning process.

Additional Cleaning Services

Hallway Cleaning
Mat Cleaning
Mattress Cleaning & Sanitizing
Sofa Cleaning
Commercial Carpet Cleaning
Tile & Grout Steam Cleaning

Love Seat & Chair Cleaning
Small Dining Chairs
Stairs ( up to 15 step increments )
Small Room (8′ – 10′)
Medium Room (10′-12′)
Large Room (12′-14′)

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Discover the benefits of a professional cleaning company that goes the extra mile to get those tough-to-clean areas. Valley Fresh Carpet Cleaning leaves a lasting impression on every customer that chooses them for home cleaning services.

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We go the extra mile to make sure that your quality expectations are met and don’t cut any corners when it comes to cleaning your carpets. If you want the job done right the first time, contact Valley Fresh Carpet Cleaning.

Proudly Serving Langley BC

Valley Fresh Carpet Cleaning
8695 Baker Dr, Chilliwack, BC V2P 7A3
+1 (604) 997-8105

Welcome to Langley, British Columbia, a captivating destination where history, culture, natural beauty, and a vibrant community spirit intertwine. Located in the heart of the Fraser Valley, Langley offers a diverse array of experiences that will leave you enchanted and inspired.

Prepare to be immersed in Langley’s rich history. Step back in time at the Fort Langley National Historic Site, the birthplace of British Columbia, where you can experience life as it was during the fur trading era. Explore the preserved buildings, engage with costumed interpreters, and learn about the important role Fort Langley played in the province’s history. Langley’s charming downtown area is dotted with historic sites and heritage buildings, where you can soak in the atmosphere and uncover the stories of the past.

Embrace the vibrant culture that thrives in Langley. The town’s arts and entertainment scene is a feast for the senses. Discover local talent at the Langley Arts Council Gallery, where exhibitions showcase the works of painters, sculptors, and artisans. Immerse yourself in live performances at venues like the Cascades Casino Resort, where music, comedy, and theatre take centre stage. For a taste of the local music scene, explore the annual Langley Community Music School Concert Series, featuring a diverse lineup of talented musicians.

Nature lovers will find solace in Langley’s beautiful landscapes. Explore the serene trails of Campbell Valley Regional Park, a sprawling 535-acre parkland that offers picturesque vistas, lush forests, and meandering streams. Visit the Greater Vancouver Zoo, where you can encounter fascinating wildlife from around the world. And for a tranquil escape, immerse yourself in the fragrant beauty of the Langley Demonstration Garden, a horticultural haven showcasing stunning flowers, plants, and sustainable gardening practices.

Langley’s culinary scene is a treat for food enthusiasts. Embracing the region’s agricultural heritage, the town boasts an abundance of farm-fresh delights. Explore local farmers’ markets, where you can sample organic produce, artisanal cheeses, and locally crafted wines. Experience the farm-to-table movement at the town’s charming restaurants and cafes, where chefs transform seasonal ingredients into culinary masterpieces. Don’t miss the chance to indulge in Langley’s award-winning wines, produced by the region’s esteemed wineries.

Throughout the year, Langley hosts a variety of lively events and festivals that showcase the community’s vibrant spirit. From the Langley International Festival, celebrating diverse cultures through music, dance, and cuisine, to the Brigade Days Festival, where the town comes alive with historical reenactments and family-friendly activities, there’s always something happening in Langley to captivate visitors of all ages.

Langley, British Columbia, is a destination that seamlessly blends history, culture, natural beauty, and a warm community spirit. Whether you seek a journey through time, artistic inspiration, outdoor adventures, or a culinary exploration, Langley invites you to immerse yourself in its charm. Come and discover the wonders that await you in this captivating town and create lasting memories that will stay with you long after you leave.

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Additional Cleaning Services We Offer

We provide carpet cleaning services across the Fraser Valley in British Columbia, including Chilliwack, Abbotsford, Agassiz, Hope, Langley, Mission, and the surrounding area.

If you are located in Abbotsford, our professional and reliable team of cleaning experts provide exceptional carpet cleaning services in West Abbotsford, East Abbotsford, Sumas Prairie, Matsqui Village, Auguston, Aberdeen, and more.

Across Chilliwack, whether you are located in Sardis, Promontory, Garrison Crossing, Vedder Crossing or Yarrow, our skilled carpet cleaning pros can visit to remove even the toughest stains and odors with state-of-the-art equipment.

And if you’re located in Hope within the areas of Silver Creek, Kawkawa Lake, Flood-Hope, Dogwood Valley, our team can also help restore your dirty carpets to like new condition.

We understand the importance of using eco-friendly and safe cleaning solutions, so you can trust us to treat your carpets with care. Whether you’re dealing with pet stains, deep-seated dirt, or simply want a refresh, our team of carpet cleaning experts can get the job done.

Contact us today to schedule a cleaning service and experience the difference Valley Fresh Carpet Cleaning can make in your home.